• Rachel E. Reed

Why Do People I Love get High?

Ever wonder why your best friend, or your brother, or your mom end up on drugs and totally destroy their lives? Well, I can tell you from an ex-drug user's point of view why we get high with no regard for anyone or consequences. I am by no means an educated psychologist but I am someone who walked in the shoes of a drug addict for many years. I can only offer you my life experience as a person who was able to come out of drug addiction and live totally free.

I'm sure you or someone you know had a childhood that was anything less than perfect. Our first life experiences should be of playgrounds and ice cream and sprinkles, but for most people that isn’t the case. I spent my early childhood years watching my parents fight and later divorce, because of alcohol and infidelity. My mother struggled to make ends meet and it affected me more than I realized. I also experienced sexual molestation at an early age not knowing it would affect my future in such a negative way. These early childhood traumas were setting me up for failure and most of which I had absolutely no control over. When we experience pain and trauma early in life we start to pick up bad habits to cover up the pain, hence for me, the drug use. Although it started out with cigarettes and wine coolers, it would later turn into much worse.

Have you felt the pain of rejection from someone who meant the world to you? It hurts, doesn't it? I'm positive you would try everything in your power to never encounter that rejection again. We tend to put up walls and close our hearts to people who really care, never trust anyone, and for me, it was all that and then drug use. My dad was the first to reject me at an early age when he and my mom got divorced and he became addicted to crack. I didn't realize how much it really hurt until I got in my teenage years and tried to replace his love with older boyfriends, marijuana, and alcohol. All I wanted was to be accepted, because I felt that I never received it, I turned to drugs, sex, and alcohol.

Love is a word too often misused. I love hot dogs and cotton candy, I love BBQ chicken or I love this show so much! Love is something that humans need, and it is scientifically proven that we need love more than water. When we see girls who are seeking attention on the internet with short shorts and crop tops and a pound of makeup on we tend to call them thirsty or desperate. When we see a drug addict we turn our noses in the air and just refer to them as a complete loss or waste of human life. The funny thing is, they all just need love. When I was cheated on by my son's father, and I felt unloved so I drank and I got high to cover up the pain. Love is a sign that we are wanted, that we are cared for, and that we matter to someone. When I felt unloved by people who meant the most to me, I tried to find ways to cover up those horrible feelings as quickly as possible because I couldn't cope on my own.

Drug addicts are broken people who are in need of saving. So the next time you think about why people use drugs, ask yourself a question. What has happened in their life to cause them to run to drugs? Trauma, rejection, and feeling unloved is just the tip of the iceberg when we seek answers to why people use drugs. When we hurt as humans and do not know the love of Jesus, and the acceptance of His work on the cross for us, and His ability to heal every past hurt and trauma, we tend to do what we know best. We run to ourselves for answers, and most coping mechanisms we tend to have are unhealthy. I hope this gave you a brief insight into why some people turn to drugs. I will be going into further detail in my book that will be finished prayerfully by Fall. Thank you for reading and if you need someone to talk to please email me. God bless.


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