• Rachel E. Reed


Lack of guile or corruption; purity. Innocence.

To the teenager who is wrapped up in social media, school, the longing for love and acceptance, here is a letter to your Innocence.

Dear Innocence,

You are valued in the hearts of moms and dads everwhere. You are held in highest esteem by your Heavenly Father. You are treasured among your adult mentors. You are so sought after that the devil himself will try everything he can to wipe you out. Oh Innocence, dont you realize how important you are? You help protect teens everywhere from stepping into a life they will regret forever. Don't you see how special you are? That's why social media and the internet try to steal you! Because without you they can corrupt the minds of teenagers everywhere. They can fashion them into slaves of sin. You are to be guarded, and kept so close because you are like diamonds and pearls. You are what keeps children just that, children. So quickly everyone wants to grow up and forget about you. They don't realize that once you are gone, they can never have you back. You will leave with a vengeance, and their lives will never be the same. Innocence, please stick around as long as they will let you so they can experience true happiness. Please help them wait for the day of marriage when you aren't forced to go but you give yourself away instead. Please teach them to love you, and hold tight to everything that you stand for because it's beautiful. It's not something to be ashamed of, but to be proud of. Oh Innocence, please... just stay.


A teenager's Mom


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