• Rachel E. Reed

Even When I Dont Want to

For the last few weeks, life has been anything but easy. I am pregnant again and my emotions have been on a roller coaster, to say the least. I am in the middle of writing a proposal to a literary agent to try and have my book published and I can assure you is anything but easy. In the middle of it all, I'm a mom to a rowdy teenager, a needy 10-month-old and a stepmom to an 11 and 13-year-old. I am a wife and a full-time homemaker and worship leader alongside my husband at our church. That means I take care of bills, meal planning, grocery shopping, cleaning, diapers, feeding me and baby and I assure 'me' comes last. The list never ends. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in life's tasks that my attitude towards it all gets pretty nasty.

Maybe you aren't a writer, maybe you have a full-time job or you are in college. I'm sure there are times where you feel overwhelmed like your job doesn't even matter and no one sees you anyway, so it almost feels pointless. It's so easy to get entangled in the mundane life routine that we forget to be grateful for the small things in life. It's so easy for me to sit around and complain about how my house is never clean or how hard it is being a stepmom to two kids finding their way in life. I can become so unhappy with my surroundings that I forget why I do it all in the first place. When I get like this I have to sit back and take a breather and really contemplate the meaning of life.

God is the reason I'm alive, and His Son gives me the strength I need to push through when times are hard. That is 100% of the time. I was talking to my sweet niece today who just flew back to New Jersey to start her freshman year in high school and she reminded me of something I used to do to get through hard times. I would sit in the morning or whenever I felt crappy and I would write out at least ten things I was grateful for. I most certainly did not want to do it but it's amazing how much it changed my attitude. It helps me to know that I am to be content in any situation I face. I know that to be truly happy, I have to choose happiness, even when I don't want to.

It's all too often that we let life beat us down, chew us up and spit us out without even putting up a fight. The funny thing is fighting is easy when you have Jesus. The most defensive and strategic pose we can take is on our knees. When we declare to God our gratitude for the things in this life that He has chosen to give us, life just so happens to look a little brighter. He will give us reasons to be grateful the more we pray. So even if you only have one thing you can think of because life sucks that bad, then declare that one thing like you just hit the lottery and watch God move in your heart and in your life. When we humble ourselves before God by showing our gratitude even in the worst of situations He will exalt us because His Word declares it.

So whatever it is you are experiencing or going through today, remember to be thankful. Remember where you came from, the places you've been, how far you have come, and stand firm on God's promises. He is close to the brokenhearted and He wants to exalt you. Humbly give God your gratitude today and watch your situation turn around, watch your heart be soaked with joy, and watch your night turn into day. For remember sorrow only lasts for the night, but joy comes in the morning! God bless you all!


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