• Rachel E. Reed

Drugs and Jesus

I never imagined drugs and Jesus could go in the same sentence and actually correlate but somehow I managed to make that happen. Life was never really good in my eyes and pain and I were really good friends. I spent a lot of time in dance battles with depression, anxiety and I never did know how to handle rejection. I was all too familiar with abandonment from people who meant the most and loyalty was never too fond of me.

I spent many years gaining a tool belt that was full of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, unhealthy relationships and co-dependency. It was so heavy, I had to get high to use it. I dealt with abandonment from an early age from my father who divorced my mom and left her to raise four little girls. I also experienced not being financially stable from a young age, which by the way has helped a ton as an adult. NOT! I was quite the victim growing up and it showed by performing promiscuity at an early age, as well as early alcoholism and drug abuse.

After a long downward spiral, many years of abuse from every angle, Jesus found me when I was most vulnerable. I knew I wanted to change my life but I didn't know how. It took a few institutions and Jesus meeting me in my mess before I realized my life was worth saving. Jesus saw my pain, my hurts and all the dirt and I found that He thought I was to die for.

I am beginning this blog, Finally Free to potentially help anyone who has been through similar life experiences that I have and I've gone through a lot. I want you to know that there is hope for your loved ones who just can't stop getting high and ruining their lives, or for you the active drug user or for you, who has stopped using drugs but simply can't be free in your mind. This is for you the person who has dealt with abandonment and rejection from people who were supposed to care. This is for the person who can't seem to get out of that abusive relationship and this is for you who doesn't believe in God and you

just need a glimpse of hope to know that life is worth living another second.

Finally Free isn't just a saying, I call it a "Doing" because its how I live every day. That doesn't mean my life is perfect because if you read any of my blogs you will see I'm far from it. My only hope is that you can be inspired to keep going, encouraged to know you deserve better and possibly receive a whole new life after reading my experiences. If it happened for me it can happen for you most assuredly! So come with me on this journey, you wont regret it!


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