• Rachel E. Reed

Beyond Blessed

I just had to share my heart with yall about what happened in my life today. I am just overwhelmed by the goodness of God. For 15 years I've never known my son's father to ever go to church, or even say he was a believer. He came into town over the holiday and he agreed to go to church with us. As the wonderful Spirit filled service progressed it came to a close and the opportunity arose for anyone to become a believer. As we prayed with every eye closed I heard the pastor say someone's hand went up. I prayed that it was my son's dad. He has had a very rough life and for the last four years it's been my son's prayer that his dad find Jesus along the way so he can share eternal life with us. When the pastor called the person who raised their hand to come and recieve prayer it was my son's dad. My heart rejoiced for his salvation and tears streamed down my face. Not for me, but for my son. As my wonderful supportive husband played the keyboard, the pastor prayed for my son's father and he recieved Jesus as his personal savior. It was a moment that I never in my life imagined would happen. The funny thing is, he had on a shirt that had Bob Marely and a big weed plant and he thought he needed to change his shirt in order to come to church. Can I just tell you how good my God is? He didnt ask him to change his shirt before he accepted him into his kingdom. He didn't tell him he had to stop smoking cigarettes in order to be saved. He didn't tell him he had to change his life first in order to be apart of His family of believers. My God sent Jesus to die for us while we were yet still sinners and heaven still rejoiced at this moment! I'm just overwhelmed at God's goodness and His mercy and His kindness and His gentleness. So thankful that I can serve this God and be apart of His kingdom. I'm just so blown away and I couldn't keep quiet about it. I love you Jesus!


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